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Bloodwarped and Twisted

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corruption, corruption, corruption [Oct. 5th, 2004|07:07 am]
Bloodwarped and Twisted


so it's been over 6 weeks since my last taste...i mean, obviously my own doesn't count, especially for lack of satisfaction...on saturday morning, after a night with bwitt(the last girl i corrupted), we went over to her friend bridgette's cuz my friend adam(her friend's boyfriend) was there...she wanted to go home so i took her, and then went back...and met this one kid there, my friend vicki's boyfriend art(whom by the way is fucking gorgeous, and i don't really mean that in a gay way)...anyway, bridgette has a little sister, dede, who's fuckin hot for her age(although I'd never touch her in a sexual way)...
that night, i corrupted dede. i gave her her first taste and drank of the little wells within her veins...the satisfaction of the warm flowing life force touching my tongue was amazing...who knew 6 weeks could make a person that thirsty...but even better is to take a girl who thinks the whole concept is really weird, and never do it...and give her her first taste...the look on dede's face afterwards said it all...she wanted more. she begged for more...but i had to get goin. ahhhh, can't wait to see her again.
STILL later that night, i corrupted art. and alas, like dede...he couldn't get enough. and seeing as i stayed at his girl's with him, and she was working...there was a LOTTA drinking...and piercing...and blood...and GOD what a weekend...i may have found an official donor...i felt a connection with artimus that i've never felt with a guy before, but not like sexually or nothing...i don't really know how to describe it...if anybody can help me here, please do...
i'm on a rampage now...and i don't know if i can stop...